Why Choose Bulldog Poker?

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So you may be asking why you should take our advice on which poker site to play online? We like to think that we know best, not in an arrogant way in which it sounded however, we mean we have experience and lots of it. In fact over 7 Years of playing online poker!

When we decide to tell fellow poker players about a poker room online you can rest assured that everything you find there is above board, we try and we test EVERYTHING, we argue with customer support about little issues to see how they handle things, we test the banking to the maximum and ask all the right questions.

You see, the thing is we can’t stand for a poor quality service, so why should online poker sites be any different? You not only want a great all round poke room, you deserve one!

There are many other poker sites in the World just like ours, we like to think we are different and that we actually give a damn about the experiences you have when playing poker at a room we have recommended. That’s the Bulldog Poker way of thinking, honest and truthful to the end, after all a dog is a mans best friend :-)

So the next time you want to test a poker site out why not give us a try, you won’t find 10, 20 or even 30 poker rooms promoted here, you are likely to find 4 or possibly 5 at the most. How many great poker rooms can there be?

The above is why we think you should choose your next adveture in to the online poker World with our help, honesty, integrity and a different outlook than the rest. Welcome to the Bulldog Poker Site, a players best friend.

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