What is Rush Poker and How to Play

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Back in February, Full Tilt Poker launched “Rush Poker” – a high velocity Texas Hold´em game (now expanded to include Omaha), with the principal that you could be dealt an astonishing 360 hands per hour. Three months on, the novelty of the innovation has not worn off, and Rush Poker has become a standard within the Full Tilt repertoire that it offers to its client base.

In the event that you have not tried the game yet, or missed the PR, “Rush Poker” is all about having an option to “quick-fold” your cards when you do not want to play them, and be rushed away to another table to try with a different set. You never stay on the same table for two consecutive hands win, lose or fold - and the software is programmed to give everybody a fair share of the blinds. If you play low level for fun, the graphics and playing experience are amazing. There is an atmosphere-building countdown preparing you for your entrance to the game and, if you are collecting player points to redeem a bonus or have a rakeback scheme in place with Full Tilt, this is a good way to accumulate rapidly.

For “serious” players there are several issues that you cannot overcome – ie little time to write notes, if you fold after the flop you will not be able to see the turn/river, and most of the game-play is aggressive – which is good for some, bad for others. ABC Poker values still apply however, and rules governing position, bet sizing and bluffing are equally as valid in Rush Poker as they are in the standard game – only you perform your actions much, much quicker.

There have been, and still are, a lot of fish, trying out Rush Poker for the benefits mentioned above. Although in Rush Poker there is very little time to acknowledge who they are, and it is impossible to build plays around their inexperience, you can witness an abundance of primary errors in the way that the game is approached from new poker players. To take advantage of them, you should use no different strategies than you would to play a regular ring game, and the secret to playing Rush Poker successfully, is to … … well, not to get carried away by the “rush”.

Finally, if you are really keen to build up your bonus quickly, it is possible to multiplay the same Rush game by going back into the lobby and entering again. There are safeguards in place to make sure that you will never meet yourself at a table and imagine how somebody would feel having just lost a monster pot to you, being whisked away to the haven of a different table, and seeing you turn up again!

Rush Poker, is exclusively available through www.fulltiltpoker.com and you can find out more about experiencing the buzz by clicking here >>>>>>>>>

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