The Larks and the Owls

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The time of day during which you are able to play poker may have a significant effect on your rate of success or otherwise. Studies have shown that some people fall into categories relating to when they best perform. If you are a Lark, you get up early in the morning and are the first one to hit the sack. An Owl will sit up half the night and experiences difficulty getting motivated during the first part of the day. The majority of people fall somewhere in the middle, but each of us has tendencies towards one or the other.

It may seem that a Lark will have limited opportunities to play a lot of poker, but possibly they are the most advantaged of all. By being able to function early in the day, they are at their most alert when Owls from countries to the West of the UK (so, Canada, the States and South America) are approaching the end of their night-time activity. Playing against weary and potentially non-focused players can be exceptionally rewarding, and the earlier a British Lark can start, the bigger a lead they can get over other European Larks.

UK based Owls have more options, but should keep to the sites that do not allow players from America. For when we are playing at midnight, it is around late afternoon Stateside, and the fresher player will have the edge if your game carries on for hours. Fortunately there are plenty of poker rooms that are heavily subscribed to by players from Eastern Europe whom you have a time advantage over, and we would suggest claiming a bwin bonus!

There are some other factors that players should consider regarding time differences. For example, a lark should not bother trying to qualify for a poker final that is going to be played late at night in Europe. Most of the major online events do not start until relatively late in the UK, so even if you have the ability to win a satellite to these competitions, you may struggle when it comes to the money end of the business. Conversely, Owls may find that they are not sufficiently focused to play in an early starting tournament or qualifier.

And it is not just the Americas and Europe you should consider. There are a growing number of online poker players from parts of Asia, and many excellent players in Australia who are ahead of us in time. Their Larks are the ones trying to extract money from UK Owls, whereas their Owls will be competing with our Larks. The best option is to select tables from the lobby that carry a high proportion of your targeted location and stick to them.

Just in case you were wondering, a player who is neither a Lark nor an Owl is referred to as a Hummingbird!

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