Taming the Bulldog Poker Players

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Some Bulldog Poker players are young and inexperienced, they make the rest of us look bad which is quite a good thing in the long run. The young bulldog is the maniacal player who wants to bet, raise or re-raise on every hand irrespective of what he has in his hand.

Categorised “officially” as loose-aggressive, this is the extreme manifestation of that type of player, and whether he is doing it through ignorance, drunkenness or is a very clever player attempting to lay a trap, you have to figure out how to deal with it to prevent any major losses of your own and to potentially tame your bulldog by taking all his chips.

Against these bulldogs, you should loosen up your starting hand requirements a little, whilst still maintaining an ABC game (bulldogs cannot be bluffed), and attacking aggressively when you have a premium hand. You know that the bulldog is getting involved in the majority of hands, and that no-one gets that many good hands, so he is obviously got a far lower starting hand criteria than you are applying. Therefore, you should play your premium hands with confidence as he will not catch lucky all the time.

Part of the trick to beat a bulldog is to isolate him. If you and several other players are up against him in a hand, although there is a good chance that the bulldog will be beaten, so might you.  It is important that you bet a substantial amount into the pot to ensure the other players fold, and then be prepared to call should the bulldog re-raise. Playing too many marginal hands in a multi-pot is a sure way to lose your chips, and you should never attempt to limp into a flop against this type of aggressor.

There is a major bulldog tendency that you have on your side, and this is that the bulldog is not the smartest of creatures (in terms of actual intelligence, a bulldog is rated 77th of 79 recognised dog breeds). He has a natural propensity to display when he is dealt a good hand by reducing the size of his initial bet and taking slightly longer to make the action. It is as if he was thinking “Oh my! What shall I do with this?” If you can identify these “tells”, you should avoid playing in these hands and just focus on playing premium hands when the opportunity arises.

Overall, it is better that you have the willpower not to be dictated to by anybody. Poker is a battle of minds, skill and tactical play, and you should not stoop to somebody else´s lower level as you already have the higher playing ground. Finding a bulldog on your table can be alarming at first. You have the option in ring games of fleeing or fighting, but in tournaments have nowhere to run. So, it is better to adopt strategies to defeat this type of player and profit from it.

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