Playing the Poker Aquariums Full of Fish

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For the uneducated, and those lacking in a zoology degree, the aquariums are where the fish live – loads of them. Most often attached to poker rooms that form part of a sports betting web site or online casino, the aquariums are where the loosest players and the spawn (new fish!) go when they have enjoyed fortuitous wins at the bookies. Better still, they believe that they are playing with the money that they have extracted from Mr Chandler or Mr Ladbrokes - and not their own.

“Play” is the operative word because, as they do not consider the money to be theirs in the first place, there is no hardship to them if they lose! This is where experienced poker players and novice/part-time gamblers differ. Experienced poker players pick up their sign-on bonuses and use it to win more money, not to fritter away on a game they might just “fancy”. Experienced poker players also go looking for these part-time gamblers because they know they are easy money.

As an exercise, you should write down every online bookmaker’s web site that has a poker room attached (practically all of them) and register for an account. Then go into the lobbies of the cash games and look for stats showing higher than 50% players/flop. This is where you will find all the fish, throwing their chips around as if it were – well, shark food!

There are two main positives and one major drawback for searching these potentially profitable rooms out. The first plus is that these players are on “backwards tilt”. Whereas “regular” tilt comes as a result of a particularly bad run, the reverse is true if they have just hit the tables on the back of a good win. Players really do have a sense of invincibility, and as mentioned above, feel that it is not even their money that they are playing with. The second factor is the fact that they do not really know much about poker in relation to position, bet sizing and value. So, they are like new players that you meet inasmuch as they want to see every flop, and be involved in every hand.

The drawback is that quite a lot of these sites are known already to experienced players, and there is nothing worse than getting psyched up to play on a specific table you have painstakingly identified, only to discover other sharks dressed as herrings!

Occasionally, some of the fish will strike lucky and catch on a river that hurts your bankroll, but as a rule bookmaker’s poker sites are by far the most liquid. Try a few out, but take care not to get drawn into their style of play. If anything, you need more discipline than if you were on your regular table amongst regular poker players.

As in real life, going fishing can provide a healthy, relaxing experience. You are just more likely to catch a fish in an aquarium!

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