Online Poker Table Selection Advice

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Picking the right table on which to play your online poker can have a very positive effect on your wealth, depending on the style of player that you are and how you approach your game. Whereas poker rooms are keen to offer a wide variety of promotional opportunities to attract players to their sites, the most effective use of your time is to play poker on the tables which will be most lucrative to you.

In this respect, when first entering the game lobby, you should look for the tables which have the highest “player per flop” statistics in your stake range (stake range being determined by the size of your bankroll).

Most web site allow this column in the lobby to be manipulated in such as way that the highest percentage shows at the top of the page and you do not have to go scrolling all the way through hundreds of short stacked tables with low figures. These tables are ideal for tight players, both passive and aggressive, who will wait patiently for the premium hands to come along and then make the most of them. Aggressive players may feel that the best opportunities for them lie on tables with lower “player per flop” statistics, however you also have to consider the average value of the pots and number of hands being played each hour. If the pots are paying peanuts because there are so few players in them, it is not worth participating at these tables.

The best approach is to join the waiting list for the table (if necessary – or just sit out until the Big Blind), and spend a few minutes studying the players to determine what has caused such a high percentage figure. Because these figures relate to the average number of players seeing flop over the past hour, it might be that the opportunity has gone, or that you can see a number of other players who have already identified the opportunity and are sitting patiently, waiting for their premium hand before they get involved. However, if you do witness a procession of players limping into the flop, you have found your potential goldmine.

The reason that these types of tables are regarded as the best to play on, is because the more players going into a pot, the better value for the player who wins it. If you are aware of the odds of winning a hand and, more importantly, the “expected value”, over a period of time your poker play will be profitable.

Normally, you will find tables with high percentages of players seeing flop at the lower stakes, although it is worth looking in the mid-stakes games if you budget can afford it. Quite often, the tables have a selection of new or inexperienced players who are keen to see flop as often as possible, and by betting strongly with your premium hands, you will get incredible value from your poker. Do not overlook the value of the pots and the number of hands per hour – it is not only the number of players in a game that will make you the most money!

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