Online Poker Multi-Tabling Strategy

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Multi-Tabling is playing more than one table at a time, and though not generally recommended for cash ring games, there are occasions when multi-tabling is a good idea and worthwhile pursuit.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your computer can handle the extra graphics and windows that multi-tabling requires, for although sites such as Pokerstars and Party Poker are fairly light performing applications, the advanced graphics on sites such as Full Tilt Poker and those on the Ongame Network (ie Bwin) require a lot of RAM to multi-table, and by opening too many windows at the same time, you run the risk of “freezing” and not being able to play your hands. Best to set up a handful of play chip windows to check the computers load and make sure that any other “juicy” programs are closed. You also need to consider that certain poker rooms will allow you more time than others to make your betting decisions, so check these out also.

We find that Bodog Poker offers the best online multi-tabling sofware overall.

Once you have done that, you are ready to go. There are certain advantages to multi-tabling rather than playing just one table at a time. These are when you are playing particularly tight games where your participation should be kept to a minimum. Examples would be Sit ´n´ Go games (particularly “Double or Nothing”) and short handed Hold´em tournaments. Playing multiple tables at the same time allows you to build up rakeback faster and prevents you (as will happen from time to time) from getting bored.

When you start multi-tabling, it is better to just try two tables at first and build up as your confidence grows. The optimum level is six, provided you can see all the action on one screen in order to gauge how your opponents are doing. Some players (using six tables) prefer to start two tournaments, wait until they are at mid-stage, start two more and so on. This way, it is easier to distinguish where you are in a game because of the level of the blinds.

Multi-table strategy is about cutting down on the tough calls that you have to make because you will have not devoted so much time to studying your opponents, and therefore will not know whether they are bluffing or have seriously good hands. You will find yourself naturally becoming tighter, and this may indeed improve you play at cash ring tables when you return to them.

The key to multi-tabling is to have your basic game plan sorted and then apply it multiple times. If you can learn to make quick and consistent decisions, you could be accelerating your bankroll most productively.

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