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Even if you only play poker for a few hours each week, it could be worthwhile organising an account with an online poker room that pays “rakeback”. Rakeback is a bonus or loyalty reward that selected online poker web sites offer to their clients to encourage them to continue playing on their site.

All poker rooms deduct a rake from their paid games – either in the form of a deduction from the pot in ring games, or as an add-on to the entry fee of a tournament – and if you have the opportunity to get some of your rake “back”, then it is well worth investigating.

Depending on which web site you use, rakeback can by calculated in one of two ways – rake “Contributed” and rake “Shared”. The first method is probably the fairest, and benefits the player who is involved in more hands. The accounting system effectively works out the percentage you personally put into the pot that was “rakeable” and rebates a portion of that money to you. The shared system divides the full amount of rake that was taken at a game between all the players seated around the table, irrespective of whether they contributed to the pot (and rake) or just folded their cards and waited.

The percentage paid to players and the method of calculating it varies from site to site, but the principle is “the more you play, the more we pay”. Rakeback amounts are credited to your account daily, weekly or monthly (again, depending on the account) and it is possible to have rakeback accounts with more than one poker web site – although some may not allow you to convert an existing account or allow you to open a secondary account just to receive rakeback.

Rakeback is a useful addition to your bankroll and is a handy bonus to have to accelerate its growth. To give an example of how much it could be worth to you, let’s take a player who only plays for 6 hours a week on $1/$2 full ring games using the shared scheme.

Picking an average pot value of $25, and ninety hands played an hour, the total amount that has been wagered within an hour by all nine players is $2250. The web site at which our example is playing deducts a rake of 3%, so the total rake paid is $67.50, which divided by nine amounts to $7.50 per player. The poker room has a rakeback scheme offering 30% rebate, so our player gets back $2.25 per hour which equates to $13.50 per week (remember – he only plays for six hours!) or $54.00 per month.

Although rakeback is just one of the considerations you should take into account when determining to which poker room you should subscribe, it is a fairly important one. We have identified a rakeback scheme with Lucky Ace Rakeback that pays 36% rakeback to all new members and offers a fast-track method to VIP status.

Although the percentage is slightly lower than the industry standard, there are a lot of loose tables on the site – effectively meaning that you will earn more money over a period of time than playing for a higher percentage on a table with lower average pot values. Furthermore, Lucky Ace Poker offers new clients 2x initial deposit bonus with 25% paid instantly for you to invest on the tables.

Lucky Ace Poker is part of the poker network, so has a regular number of players throughout the day, offers some easy tournaments and is well worth investigating if you are interested in belonging to a site offering one of the best overall rakeback schemes.

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