Is Online Poker Fair & Safe?

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It’s a pretty common question and one which does need addressed from time to time, as with anything where money is involved there is always a risk of someones greed getting the better of their conscience. Online Poker involves very large amounts of money placed in poker accounts by hundreds of thousands of players from around the World, in the main it is safe!!

There have been scandals in the past and tales of cheating most notably an Ultimate Bet scandal a few Years back, many losing players are the first to claim cheating and that there is noway they should be getting beat on the river so often, what these players fail to realise is that online you play 3 or 4 times as many hands as you would live, you simply get to see more flops, more action and more bad beats in a short period of time.

Play Safe Online Poker

To make sure you are safe and put anyone’s mind at rest you should stick with the “big names” such as pokerstars, bodog or fulltilt for example. These sites have wayyy to much to lose and have the highest security measures in place, online poker is fast, fun and very safe but we all need to play where we know we will be treated as fairly as possible.

Enjoy your online poker!

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