How to Beat Multi-Table Poker Players Online

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Defining the type of player who prefers to play multiple poker tables at the same time is not difficult. As they have to avoid making as many marginal decisions as possible, they have the highest opening hand selection of any player, and apply their criteria rigidly.

Irrespective of the type of game you are involved in, if you see a particular hand quickly being folded, or being bet aggressively on rare occasions, you can bet the owner of the hand is playing “tight” on several tables at the same time.

The “tell” is in the time it takes for them to make their betting decision. By glimpsing at their cards between actions on other tables, the player has seen that they do not match up to his strict qualification, and has hit the check/fold button without giving it a further thought.

Although these guys are highly skilled at what they do, and the best multi-table players are incredibly profitable, there are ways in which you can use their lack of focus to your advantage.

Multi-tablers rarely defend their blinds. If you have one behind you in the betting, a slight raise in late position should win you their blinds.
Multi-tablers are addicted to continuation betting. If you find you have a good hand against somebody whose focus is not entirely on their game, raise their continuation bets and build a monster pot for your own winning hand.

Multi-tablers do not go looking for flush draws or straights. Therefore, if you have a marginal hand post flop, you can bluff that you have caught on the board and they will more than likely fold.

Multi-tablers are rubbish at heads-up. Remember, they are still using their high opening hand selection. So if you find them in the bubble on a regular one table Sit ´n´ Go tournament, you should have the measure of them every time.

If you are not sure whether an opponent is active on a number of tables at the same time, invest in some player tracking software. The cost of the investment will be worth it, as you will find players hiding quietly on your table, who you were not aware offered the opportunity to exploit.

Playing poker is all about taking whatever value you are offered, and exploiting every edge you have. If you can determine that a player is multi-tabling, or indeed involved in any other activity which diverts his absolute focus, seize the advantage to increase the profitability of your poker.

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