Guide To Playing Bulldog Poker Online

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Ok so, playing online poker isn’t the same as being face to face with other players, you will discover a lot of people will chase cards to the bitter end as there is no shame, they don’t have to sit across from you and look you in the eye when they get lucky.

That’s why in online you should choose your starting hand a little more carefully, on the lower stakes tables it’s difficult to estimate what your opponent may have, we have many thousands of hands where you’ll get beat by someone holding 7 3 and making a straight, you simply would not believe they called a raise pre flop with 7 3 but it happens all the time.

Take notes on the players

At most poker sites such as Full Tilt Poker you have the option to make notes about players, all you do is double click on their name at the table and write whatever you want. When you see a pattern emerging or they do stupid things a lot, make notes on it, these will come in very handy for future reference and it only takes a few seconds to do. Likewise if their a good player, make notes to let yourself know in the future!

Play the Bulldog Poker Way

Aggressive but tight, don’t be loose with your money, you earned it, deserve to keep it and make more of it, if someone makes a bet at you almost barking that they have a good hand, bark louder if your hand is likely to be better. If you get all of your chips in the middle while you are in front you are doing nothing wrong, obviously from time to time you’ll get unlucky, but that’s just the bulldog poker life!

Head over to Full Tilt Poker and learn from the pro’s such as Phil Ivey and Gus Hansen, there are video tutorials to be found and a wealth of information to help you on your way,

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