Choosing The Right Online Poker Name

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Choosing the right poker name can be much harder than you imagine. If you are going to make it right to the highest echelons in the world of online poker, do you want to be forever known as “ILuVmyNan”? For as much as she may be a splendid woman, you should try to promote something positive about your poker play.

Your name and avatar are the first impression of you that other poker players get, so avoid ridiculous pseudonyms and images that may suggest you are less than serious about the game, and also names you cannot live up to. There is nothing as humiliating as getting beaten on a stupid bet and then having salt rubbed into the wound by an uncompassionate opponent.

Even subconsciously, your name will create an impression – much like subliminal marketing that companies use to get their brands recognised – so names that represent strength, dependability and  competence go a fair part of the way to establishing you as a formidable adversary.

A look around the tables on any site will show you who has put some thought into the construction of their profile, and who was just too lazy to be bothered. Being lazy with names does not mean you are necessarily a poor player, it just implies that if you cannot put the effort into creating an online persona, you may have taken equally as little consideration when it came to learning how to master the game.

You will be surprised how many people you frequently find on the same tables as you. Some players like tournaments, other SnGs and others stick to cash games. Some play at certain times of the day because of work or personal commitments, others because they live in a different time zone. So although there might be a hundred thousand people registered to your poker room, and twenty thousand of them online right now, when you are playing at the same stake levels at the same time of day in the same type of competition, you will come across players time and time again. If you can get your screen name and avatar to connect with them, it automatically gives you an edge.

An intelligent or humorous use of words that shows you know something about the game and/or its history will help you get remembered, and if you play consistent, solid poker other players will come to respect you as a good player before they have to look at their notes to remember who you are.

Something that portrays strength and excellence shuld do the trick, kind of lke a Bulldog Poker avatar and Fido as a name perhaps?

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