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Is Online Poker Fair & Safe?

It’s a pretty common question and one which does need addressed from time to time, as with anything where money is involved there is always a risk of someones greed getting the better of their conscience. Online Poker involves very large amounts of money placed in poker accounts by hundreds … more

Fantasy WSOP

Daniel Negreanu (via his Full Contact Poker web site) is hosting a free to enter Fantasy Poker competition based around which poker players will win the most money at the WSOP in Las Vegas (excluding the Main Event). Prizes for the competition include various cash amounts up to $1.000 transferred … more

Pro Poker Player Blogs

Did you ever wonder what the leading lights of the poker world do between live championship events and spending hours in front of a computer screen? They write. They blog. They tweet. If poker players were half as liberal with their chips as they are with their words, we would … more

Book Review – Every Hand Revealed by Gus Hansen

Gus Hansen is one of the most unique individuals in the world of poker. Renowned for his unconventional yet successful over-aggressive tactics, Hansen is the only player ever to win four WPT titles and has lifetime tournament winnings of $7.1 million.

His book, “Every Hand Revealed”, was inspired by a comment … more

Bulldog Poker Players Rule The World

It’s official because we say so! Bulldog Poker players are officially the best in the World, top of the food chain and taking a big bite out of the sharks. Well ok maybe not the best in the World but we are most certainly getting there.

We never go on tilt … more

Choosing The Right Poker Site

Playing your first online cash games can be a daunting experience. Irrespective of whether you have played on the sites´ play tables or not before you make your first deposit, it is still foreign ground for many people, and like most things in life, the key tool for your success … more

Choosing The Right Online Poker Name

Choosing the right poker name can be much harder than you imagine. If you are going to make it right to the highest echelons in the world of online poker, do you want to be forever known as “ILuVmyNan”? For as much as she may be a splendid woman, you … more

Poker Genealogy – It’s Not Your Fault You Suck

Some things are genetically passed down from our parents- blond hair, blue eyes, knobbly knees etc. But you may also discover that an ability in maths or a pragmatic way in which you approach problems may also be inherited from your ancestors. You may never have considered this before, but … more

Poker Playing Styles: Aggressive Players

Aggressive poker players fall between two extremes – tight and loose – and at either end of these distinctions you will find exceptionally difficult competitors to play against. However, they do have their weaknesses, and by exploring their strengths, one can discover where they are left wanting when it comes … more

Psychology in Poker

Inasmuch as an understanding of maths is important to play poker, psychology also has a very big influence in your game and most players use it without even realising it.

When you join your online game of poker, one of the first things that you do is to have a good … more

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