Bulldog Poker Strategy

Taming the Bulldog Poker Players

Some Bulldog Poker players are young and inexperienced, they make the rest of us look bad which is quite a good thing in the long run. The young bulldog is the maniacal player who wants to bet, raise or re-raise on every hand irrespective of what he has in his … more

Short-Handed Opening Hand Selection

When you are playing short-handed poker – tables with just 6 players, or towards the end of Sit ´n´ Go or Multi-Table Tournament – premium hands are less rarely seen due to there being fewer cards dealt.

For players who apply the same opening hand criteria as when playing on a … more

How to Beat Multi-Table Poker Players Online

Defining the type of player who prefers to play multiple poker tables at the same time is not difficult. As they have to avoid making as many marginal decisions as possible, they have the highest opening hand selection of any player, and apply their criteria rigidly.

Irrespective of the type of … more

Seven Card Stud Opening Hand Selection

In the game of seven card stud poker, correct opening hand selection plays a far more vital role than in Hold´em or Omaha. When you are dealt your hand, you are able to see a maximum of seven other open cards around the table, and this will help you to … more

The Hutchinson System Opening Hand Selection

The Hutchinson System is a great way for new poker players to learn both the value of opening hand selection and apply it to position. The creator of this formula, Edward Hutchinson, found that by applying his system rigidly, it generated a 70% increase in his average win rate. The … more

The Expected Value of Chasing a Flush when Heads Up

Many books and articles discussing “Expected Value” and pot odds use a flush as an example of how to determine whether or not you should enter a pot, and with how much strength. It is generally accepted that the odds are in your favour when you have four suited cards … more

Online Poker Table Selection Advice

Picking the right table on which to play your online poker can have a very positive effect on your wealth, depending on the style of player that you are and how you approach your game. Whereas poker rooms are keen to offer a wide variety of promotional opportunities to attract … more

Bulldog Poker Guide To Playing Razz

Razz is a draw game of poker where you attempt to make the worst possible five card hand from the seven you are dealt. For the purposes of doing this, aces are considered low, and flushes and straights are ignored. Therefore the best possible hand in razz poker is A2345.

The … more

Why Take Notes When Playing Online Poker?

There is a defining moment in the game of poker when you sit down at a table to play, and realise that you have at your fingertips the habits and betting tendencies of all of your opponents. This is what comes from taking notes every time you play poker.

Initially you … more

Mixed Poker Game Strategy and Explanations

Some players like to use the mixed poker games as a diversion to their regular tables, and the leading poker sites are happy to oblige. Games such as HORSE, HEROS, HOSE and 8Game are mixtures of the most popular online poker games, broken down into specific segments and played as … more

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