Bulldog Poker Players Rule The World

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It’s official because we say so! Bulldog Poker players are officially the best in the World, top of the food chain and taking a big bite out of the sharks. Well ok maybe not the best in the World but we are most certainly getting there.

We never go on tilt because were good dogs, reverse tilt however we do enjoy. What do we mean by revense tilt?

Reverse Tilt – Gotta Love It!

Reverse Tilt can be caused by a succession of winning hands. It creates a euphoric feeling of infallibility which then leads you to completely abandon all the skills and techniques that led you to your winning streak in the first place. Thereafter, you are prone to make the most basic mistakes, with the ultimate loss of everything you have already won, and the possibility of chasing those losses whilst on the way to full tilt.

It might seem hard to fathom, but if you go on a tremendous winning streak, it could actually cost you money. The confidence that grows from playing well and having the cards fall in your favour can lead to you betting out of proportion compared with the value of the pot or in relation to your position. This is obviously going to affect your ring games more than your tournament play – although busting out of one tournament when you thought you were doing well, to launch immediately into a rebuy competition when on tilt is not a good idea! Even playing flop limit games when you believe you are invincible can be damaging to your bankroll. It is possible to max out on losing hands a couple of times in succession and, with several players taking you on, the effects could be devastating.

Ring games provide the most potential for turning a fantastic winning session into a loss. Assuming that you joined a table with around 50x the big blind, if you are sitting there after a winning streak, the temptation is to believe that the money is not yours and to bet freely with it. Having 200x the blind or more in front of you is a situation that not many players will be accustomed to in ring games, and being able to handle it is of paramount importance.

By all means, enjoy your wins but try to remain detached emotionally from them. If you have won a significant amount, you should leave the table and start again at a slightly higher level (as good bankroll management would decree). Never kid yourself that had you stayed on that specific table you would have kept on winning, because experience will have taught you that, as beaten players retreat from the table, new ones will join in, and your new associates will just regard your over-ambitious betting actions as those of a loose aggressive player and you will become a target for them.

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