Bulldog Poker Guide To MTT Strategy

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Below we take a look at online MTT’s or Multi-Table Tournaments, we see the various ways to play and how to change your game throughout the stages of a poker tournament.

Early Stages of The Tournament

In the early stages of any multi table tournament there is no rush to accumulate chips, there is no need to gamble so sit and relax. You will find all the manic players go out really early which will give us bulldog poker players the perfect chance to pick up sizable chip stacks with little effort.

The key is to play suited connectors cheaply, a lot of inexperienced players will linp from any position bringing the chance to build large pots when we hit the flops. Playing hands such as 7,8 or 1o,Jack multi-way can reap big rewards, if you are dealt a hand like this and can see the flop cheaply then do so!

Middle Stages of a Tournament

This is where a lot of the field tends to tighten up, we have already lost the bad players who can’t lay down any ace, the trick now is to apply pressure to the small stacks especially as we approach the money. A lot of players will be looking to fold just about everything and try to make the money, this is the ideal situation to build up yet more chips to take with us on our trip to the final table.

Be a little careful when picking on some short stacks, after a while they will decide that enough is enough and make a call with king high, make sure if your are raising to steal that you can either fold and lose a little or make the call with a hand that has a chance of winning.

The Latter Stages of an MTT

Once the bubble has burst all the hangers on go mad and shove with anything, once again this is the time to be a good dog and sit. Only play premium hands at this point and take out the stragglers, there is no need for heroics and sitting tight will earn you a lot more $$$.

The next stage is as we approach the final table, as before many players, especially those who have never made it this far before will freeze and try to fold their way to the final table. For us this means loosening up again and playing aggressive poker, no one want to go out now and players will only play back at you with monster hands.

The money when you reach the final table is a lot higher and jumps at a much more satisfactory rate, players love to finish as high as possible but that brings the effect of fear, don’t be afraid to gamble as there is nothing worse than being blinded away. We are in this tournament to win it and not just finish in the Money.

Follow the simple steps and play to the advantages you have based on the above stages in a Multi table Tournament. That’s the way us Bulldog Poker players do it and it works!

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