Are Freerolls A Waste Of Money

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Are Freerolls a Waste of Money?

The obvious answer is NO as they are free to enter, with that said apparently time = money so asked another way, Are freerolls a waste of time?

For those who don’t know, a freeroll is a free to enter poker tournament with real money for the top placed finishers. The field are usually huge and the prize pool very modest, these tournaments are played mainly by broke players looking for a quick fix. You lose half the field in the first 30 min’s as everyone moves all-in with any 2 cards, after all it’s cost you nothing so why not?

The answer all depends on your own circumstances and what yo want to achieve by playing online poker, freerolls can be fun and you can of course win real cash with no risk. Let’s take a look at some situations and see if playing freerolls suits.

1: You’re a new player, you have never played poker online before but are aware of the rules.

Answer: Using a freeroll to see how things work is a good idea, you will get used to how the action moves, the feel of the software and what buttons do what. It’s always a good idea to try things out before you make a deposit and play for real money.

2: You have played online and know how it works, you are looking to improve your game and think that these freerolls will bring more experience.

Answer: No way, freerolls are not the way to improve you game. You are much better paying even the most modest amount to enter a tournament than you are paying nothing. The field sizes are huge and with multiple players not caring, you will have to win so many coin flips often against 3, 4 or more players. A much better idea to cough up a $1 and play against people who are playing poker in a more realistic fashion.

3: You’re broke and just want to try and make a few $$ to allow you to play for real.

Answer: Fair enough play all you can, but play poker the way it should be played and eliminate the urge to join the all-in moves you see on every hand. Once you’re past the first hour things will calm down a bit, making the money in freerolls can be quite easy if you can avoid the donks which in a freeroll is: everyone.

4: You are a solid winning player and want play freerolls for fun or when you have a lack of time.

Answer: This is quite common believe it or not. If you’re in the mood to play a tournament but know you don’t have time why bother playing anything at all? If you can’t keep away for the game without huge urges to play or a craving for action perhaps you should seek some advice!!

5: You’re a winning cash game player looking to break in to the online tournament scene, you have money but think trying the freerolls with give you a feel for the tournament game and structure.

Answer: WTF????, use your bankroll and pay a modest entry fee to take part in something that resembles a real tournament!

At the end of the day freerolls are there for one purpose, to feed the fish. You are far better off paying $1 at a site such as poker stars where that $1 entry will create a prize pool of over $10,000. Freerolls are a waste of time in 99.9% of cases, you have to risk it to win it and luckily on-line you can risk very little to win a hell of a lot.

Time = Money

Freerolls are a waste of Money!

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