Taming the Bulldog Poker Players

Some Bulldog Poker players are young and inexperienced, they make the rest of us look bad which is quite a good thing in the long run. The young bulldog is the maniacal player who wants to bet, raise or re-raise on every hand irrespective of what he has in his … more

Fantasy WSOP

Daniel Negreanu (via his Full Contact Poker web site) is hosting a free to enter Fantasy Poker competition based around which poker players will win the most money at the WSOP in Las Vegas (excluding the Main Event). Prizes for the competition include various cash amounts up to $1.000 transferred … more

Short-Handed Opening Hand Selection

When you are playing short-handed poker – tables with just 6 players, or towards the end of Sit ´n´ Go or Multi-Table Tournament – premium hands are less rarely seen due to there being fewer cards dealt.

For players who apply the same opening hand criteria as when playing on a … more