How to Beat Multi-Table Poker Players Online

Defining the type of player who prefers to play multiple poker tables at the same time is not difficult. As they have to avoid making as many marginal decisions as possible, they have the highest opening hand selection of any player, and apply their criteria rigidly.

Irrespective of the type of … more

Pro Poker Player Blogs

Did you ever wonder what the leading lights of the poker world do between live championship events and spending hours in front of a computer screen? They write. They blog. They tweet. If poker players were half as liberal with their chips as they are with their words, we would … more

Seven Card Stud Opening Hand Selection

In the game of seven card stud poker, correct opening hand selection plays a far more vital role than in Hold´em or Omaha. When you are dealt your hand, you are able to see a maximum of seven other open cards around the table, and this will help you to … more

The Hutchinson System Opening Hand Selection

The Hutchinson System is a great way for new poker players to learn both the value of opening hand selection and apply it to position. The creator of this formula, Edward Hutchinson, found that by applying his system rigidly, it generated a 70% increase in his average win rate. The … more

The Expected Value of Chasing a Flush when Heads Up

Many books and articles discussing “Expected Value” and pot odds use a flush as an example of how to determine whether or not you should enter a pot, and with how much strength. It is generally accepted that the odds are in your favour when you have four suited cards … more

Book Review – Every Hand Revealed by Gus Hansen

Gus Hansen is one of the most unique individuals in the world of poker. Renowned for his unconventional yet successful over-aggressive tactics, Hansen is the only player ever to win four WPT titles and has lifetime tournament winnings of $7.1 million.

His book, “Every Hand Revealed”, was inspired by a comment … more

Bulldog Poker Players Rule The World

It’s official because we say so! Bulldog Poker players are officially the best in the World, top of the food chain and taking a big bite out of the sharks. Well ok maybe not the best in the World but we are most certainly getting there.

We never go on tilt … more

Online Poker Table Selection Advice

Picking the right table on which to play your online poker can have a very positive effect on your wealth, depending on the style of player that you are and how you approach your game. Whereas poker rooms are keen to offer a wide variety of promotional opportunities to attract … more

Choosing The Right Poker Site

Playing your first online cash games can be a daunting experience. Irrespective of whether you have played on the sites´ play tables or not before you make your first deposit, it is still foreign ground for many people, and like most things in life, the key tool for your success … more