Choosing The Right Online Poker Name

Choosing the right poker name can be much harder than you imagine. If you are going to make it right to the highest echelons in the world of online poker, do you want to be forever known as “ILuVmyNan”? For as much as she may be a splendid woman, you … more

Poker Genealogy – It’s Not Your Fault You Suck

Some things are genetically passed down from our parents- blond hair, blue eyes, knobbly knees etc. But you may also discover that an ability in maths or a pragmatic way in which you approach problems may also be inherited from your ancestors. You may never have considered this before, but … more

Poker Playing Styles: Aggressive Players

Aggressive poker players fall between two extremes – tight and loose – and at either end of these distinctions you will find exceptionally difficult competitors to play against. However, they do have their weaknesses, and by exploring their strengths, one can discover where they are left wanting when it comes … more

Bulldog Poker Guide To Playing Razz

Razz is a draw game of poker where you attempt to make the worst possible five card hand from the seven you are dealt. For the purposes of doing this, aces are considered low, and flushes and straights are ignored. Therefore the best possible hand in razz poker is A2345.

The … more

Why Take Notes When Playing Online Poker?

There is a defining moment in the game of poker when you sit down at a table to play, and realise that you have at your fingertips the habits and betting tendencies of all of your opponents. This is what comes from taking notes every time you play poker.

Initially you … more

Psychology in Poker

Inasmuch as an understanding of maths is important to play poker, psychology also has a very big influence in your game and most players use it without even realising it.

When you join your online game of poker, one of the first things that you do is to have a good … more

The Larks and the Owls

The time of day during which you are able to play poker may have a significant effect on your rate of success or otherwise. Studies have shown that some people fall into categories relating to when they best perform. If you are a Lark, you get up early in the … more

Mixed Poker Game Strategy and Explanations

Some players like to use the mixed poker games as a diversion to their regular tables, and the leading poker sites are happy to oblige. Games such as HORSE, HEROS, HOSE and 8Game are mixtures of the most popular online poker games, broken down into specific segments and played as … more

Bulldogs Don’t Sit Out of Tournaments Do You?

With most online Sit ´n´ Go´s and tournaments costing money to enter, why is it that there are so many people sitting out? Sure, some join the game maybe after 30-40 minutes and a few more after an hour, but for the remainder – how can you possibly forget that … more

Bulldog Poker Bankroll Management

Determining what level of stakes you play at, and how much you bring to the table, can influence you long term success at poker. Bankroll Management is a good way of reviewing how well you are doing, or calculating where you could be doing better. It very much depends on … more

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